Bridal headwear with hints of yesteryear

Ever since I saw a girl at a festival wearing a cool metal forehead band this summer, I have wanted one. Unfortunately, when questioned, it transpired she got it in Barcelona. Oh well, I conceded. As summer was nearing an end anyway, the opportunities for wearing such hippy like accessories outside festival season and at the age of 30+ without looking a bit tragic were probably gone.

However, I did decide that, when someone does finally offer to make an honest woman of me, I would love to wear some kind of vintage bridal headband at my wedding.  So when I read that HT Headwear’s 2014 collection was ‘heavily influenced by the power of nature and hints of glamour from yesterday’, I absolutely had to check it out.


Lilly Diamante Headpiece with Birdcage Veil

HT Headpieces are designed and handmade in England by designer Helena Talbot and feature stunning diamante headbands with her signature detachable birdcage veils and for 2014, new detachable crin veils which offer brides a great alternative to the birdcage or traditional veil. This new collection also sees the addition of complementary pieces to be worn with traditional veils and delicate smaller pieces that are ideal for bridesmaids gifts.

Hawthorn with Crin Veil

Hawthorn with Crin Veil

Helena created HT Headpieces while on maternity leave with her first child in 2010 after having struggled to find something stylish for her own wedding without paying a fortune. Her vintage inspired designs reflect styles from the 20s through to the 50s and are all handmade in London by Helena herself, who has a BA (Hons) degree in Constructive Textiles from The University of Central England and has completed several millinery courses with Janie Lashford.

Arietis Headband

Arietis Headband

For more information visit


Vintage style finds on the high street

My nearest local shopping area in Lewisham may not quite be funky Portobello, or chic and trendy Spitalfields or Shoreditch, but you can still find some great vintage-style bargains in its cheap and cheerful high street stores.

As well as a huge TK Maxx, there is a large Tiger store, which I first came across years ago when I was living in Hammersmith. A bit like IKEA but for homeware instead of interiors, Tiger also hails from Scandinavia, where apparently it caused a ‘mini retail revolution’ according to its website. It’s great for practical, fun and funky items, and I think many have quite a retro or vintage feel too. Here I picked up this cute glass carafe which I think makes a lovely vase and a couple of pretty picture frames for literally a couple of pounds each.

Glass carafe from Tiger, £3

Glass carafe from Tiger, £3 (cat: blogger’s own)

Front two frames, £2 & £3 from Tiger

Front two frames, £2 & £3 from Tiger

There is also a massive ‘Primani‘ as my housemate likes to call it, which is great now I’m on a student budget again! I made a loose promise to myself that I would buy no clothes at all this year and I’ve really been doing quite well, but I just couldn’t resist having a quick peak as a range of cute dresses and blouses beckoned enticingly from the windows. As I have been wanting a cream lacey dress for literally years, I felt it would be rude not to buy this well-fitting one for £15, and the other stripey floral one for a tenner was just too bang on my style to pass up!

Dresses from Primark. Shoes from (left) Camden market and (right) Accessorize

Dresses from Primark. Shoes from (left) Camden market and (right) Accessorize

UPDATE: After another trip in to Lewisham today to print out my latest college project, I picked up another £2 bargain, the little tea-light holder below, from a literal treasure trove on Loampit Hill – ‘Aladdin’s Cave‘. Actually it looks more like a junk yard but there are bargains aplenty here for those who love a good old rumble through some jumble! From second hand furniture, to sinks, doors, mirrors, nik naks, and I even saw an old roll top bath, you’re bound to find something unique here.

Tea light holder, £2 from Aladdin's Cave Lewisham

Tea light holder, £2 from Aladdin’s Cave Lewisham

What do you think of my bargain finds? I could easily pass them off as being from a funky retro market stall don’t you think?

Mint Delight

Inspired by a tweet that directed me to the delightful mint collection on vintage fashion website,, I thought I would use this as a base from which to try my hand at creating my first ever ‘set’ on Polyvore, which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

Polvore basically lets you play stylist by creating your very own outfits from bits and bobs you find on the web, along with on Polyvore itself. So below are some of my favourite pieces from the Modcloth collection, along with some fab floral jeans from TopShop and fierce suedette peep-toes from

The central dress really drew my eye as I felt it was bang on ‘Seaside Sweetheart’ style, with its dainty ship print fabric and nautical inpsired buttoned shoulders. I selected the triangular art-deco earrings and patterned shoes as I felt they added a bit of attitude to this ultra girly dress, but underneath its back to super sweet again with the lacy pant and bra duo!

I also loved this mint vintage-inspired sleeveless blouse with lace trim, and thought it would look great with these floral skinny cropped jeans from TopShop, again with some wilder shoes to add a bit of edge! Finally I can never resist a bit of floral jewellery, so the rose necklace was a must.

What do you think? ~ Sarah


Mint Delight

Express your style with Polyvore

I may be a bit slow off the mark here, so please excuse me if you’re already familiar with this, but I am almost wetting myself with excitement after just discovering the fashion site Polyvore. This innovative site is a huge online fashion community where users can select or ‘clip’ their favourite products from across the web, mix and match them in to stylish set boards such as the one below, then share with their friends on their blog, Twitter or Facebook.

I had been thinking for a while about including style boards like the one below on my blog, but being untrained on Photoshop I was wondering how this could be achieved. Another course? – that didn’t appeal – and probably even then I still wouldn’t be able to do very much. But this, it seems, may be the answer to my prayers! I actually found this by googling ‘seaside sweetheart’ as this often throws up things I quite like. And the board below confirms even more that I chose the right name for my blog. The colours even match!

Thanks to Polyvore user Jennifer Angela for creating this board. I like your style!

Read more about how to use Polyvore.

Seaside Sweetheart

Oh ! Aubergine

When we think of autumn colours, we typically think of coppers, oranges, browns and reds, but another beautiful colour that appears is the deep, purple-y aubergine. Whilst out running in my local park recently and enjoying the changing colours of the season, I noticed that alongside the rusty brown leaves were dark purple ones too, and this got me to thinking what a lovely alternative colour this is for autumn wedding flowers and events, as well as autumn clothes.

Pinterest threw up some great inspiration, not just for aubergine flowers and clothes, but also interiors and of course recipes too! From these striking dark dahlias with light, white tips, to delicate hyacinths, elegant lilies and even the humble carnation, there is a good range of purple flowers for any bride or event planner considering this colour for their theme.

Aubergine dahlia bouquet

Aubergine dahlia wedding bouquet

Aubergine and lilac hyacinth display

Lily wedding bouquet

Deep purple carnations

I also love it for clothes too, whether it’s on a cute cosy knit, or slinky dress like this one here. However, I’m somewhat sad to report that after dutifully testing out an aubergine recipe too, I can safely say I don’t like the aubergine itself at all!

Fall 2012 look shot at Sydney Fashion Week by Tommy Ton

Aubergine evening outfit pinned by Aleesha Nareg


What do you think? Do you love the colour aubergine too? ~ Sarah


Photo credits: – aubergine dahlias – aubergine hyacinths – aubergine lilies – carnations – aubergine outfit from Sydney Fashion Week, by Tommy Ton – aubergine evening outfit


Silverado, a treasure trove of seaside style

New Beginning Necklace, £40

This gallery contains 15 photos.

On a recent trip to Brighton, where I studied at uni, I discovered Silverado, which turned out to be a veritable treasure trove of unique and vintage-style jewellery with nautical, seaside, travel and nature-inspired themes. Brighton is one of those … Continue reading

Quirky jewellery from Rosita Bonita

A piece of quirky jewellery can pep up the most simple of outfits and I don’t think I’ve seen anything as unusual as this for a while. I stumbled across this today by way of an advert on my Yahoo mail. Some people hate ‘cookies’ but I thank them for serving me up this! (is that technically what happened? I think so!).

I think this pretty white shell collar brooch from Rosita Bonita would look fab with a sleeveless blouse buttoned up to the neck, and perhaps some plain black jeans with flat brogues for a great city look with a seaside twist.

Fan clam shell collar brooch from Rosita Bonita

Fan clam shell collar brooch from Rosita Bonita

What do you think? – Sarah