Me in Brighton, yonks ago

Me in Brighton, yonks ago. I can’t remember when I started to love being by the sea so much, but going to uni here has given Brighton a permanent place in my heart.

Hi there, my name is Sarah and I’m a (very recently!) ex-PR girl embarking on a new adventure and dreaming of opening a cafe-come-flower shop by the sea. I’ve jacked in the 9 to 5 to study floristry for a year and started this blog as somewhere to chart my progress, inspiration and ideas, and hopefully serve as base from which to build up any new venture I may start.

Although the ‘5-year dream’ is a little shop near the coast, I honestly have no idea where the next 12 months will take me, but I’m sure as hell excited to find out. Now I’m a bit older and wiser (the latter may be questionable), I’ve finally learned to live a bit more in the ‘now’, and simply take life as it comes. On the one hand, I believe you can make things happen for yourself, but now I know you have to enjoy the ride there too and take any swerves in the road in your stride. As sometimes, something great and unexpected could be just around the bend. Fingers crossed, there will be for me!

Sarah x (aka from Sep 12 onwards, ‘Seaside Sweetheart’)

Over and out


During this ‘year out’ I am also available for freelance writing jobs. With 10 years experience as a communications professional in both the technology and travel industries, I am qualified to write a wide range of materials, from marketing flyers and reports, to press releases, features, and opinion pieces. I have a keen personal interest in travel and, now, flowers, so am happy to provide articles or blog posts on these subjects too. Please email me if you think there may be something we can work on together.

Blog banner credit: My pretty blog header is a free download from designer Joy Laforme’s blog, Sage and Berries. See www.joylaforme.com and sageandberries.com.


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  1. Beautiful, inspiring description! Cristina and I wish you the best of the best for your future endeavors. May you live the ‘now’ and enjoy the moment…it’s from learning such simple trick that you can truly make the most of your life and make it a wonderful one. You close a little door behind you and a big one opens up right in front…

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