Spring’in to action!

Well, as previously mentioned I may have been a bit quiet on the blog front for the last few months, but I’ve not been idle, oh no! I’m happy to report that ‘the plan’ (yes, there is still some kind of ‘plan’!) has been progressing nicely and, as well as continuing the studies, I’ve also been ‘springing’ to action as the new season unfolds; getting a cafe job, going on holiday (does that count?!) and also, most importantly, giving the garden some well needed TLC in preparation for summer BBQs and fun!

As those (probably mostly my friends to be fair!) who have been reading this blog know, my long term dream is to maybe, one day open my own cafe-come-florist, and so in order not only to get back in to the ‘real’ world of work (after, let’s face it, eight months ‘off’!), but also to get some well needed experience of this type of job, I have recently started work at a fab little new cafe in Greenwich called the Plumtree Cafe. My thanks go to the owner, Lara, for giving me a chance, as I’d never done this type of job before, but I’m really enjoying it, especially as we’re home-baking all our own cakes, it’s also giving me a chance to brush up on my baking skills!

My first baking attempt (Victoria sponge, left) at the Plumtree Cafe

My first baking attempt (Victoria sponge, left) at the Plumtree Cafe

I’ve also been hard at work in the garden too, whenever I’ve had the chance (OK, that’s Mum and Dad there working, but I was helping, honest!), pruning, trimming, planting new grass seed and flowers, in the hope that it will soon return to its full glory and be BBQ-ready! Most of the plants have survived during my three years here and I’m steadily getting to know their rhythm and needs, but this year I’ve added in some flowers too, with the hope this will also give me some nice cuts for the house. I’ve got Asiatic lilies in a tub, plus dahlias, gladioli and anemone in the garden, so I’m crossing my green fingers that they all come up!

Working with Mum & Dad in the garden

Working with Mum & Dad in the garden

When I returned from Vietnam in late April I was mightily cheered to see new life poking through. I don’t mind winter, but by February/March I’ve really had enough, so I’m always happy to see the garden coming back to life. At the moment I have tons of grape hyacinths out back and some other pretty flowers (I’m not sure what they are?!) out front, so I took these along with a ‘bud casualty’ from the recent fence replacement to make a cheerful little display in jam jars from my in-store display task for my kitchen windowsill. What do you think?!

My kitchen windowsill display

My kitchen windowsill display

UPDATE: the bud casualty ( a peony we think!) is now out!



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